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"Football is an honest game. Its true to life. It's a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life."

Football has always been the most favourite game of kolkata, "bhaat macher por e bangalir football" it is considered as the opium for the mass here.

This popular i league club from kolkata known as the giant killer in Indian football commenced its journey in the year 1927. The club then known as ever ready association since its inception primarily focused on the junior league of kolkata football and player development till 1993.

Year 1993 still remains as a milestone in the history of the club and Indian football, when the club management decided to pass the baton to the next generation members and infused new blood into the system. With the advent of the new club management, came new dreams and hopes to soar to the sky.

The club surged ahead from lower divisions to higher as the years passed by, and in a short span of eight years the club became one of the major attraction in kolkata football with its promotion to Premier Division of kolkata football league.

It continued its journey by proving its competence and established itself from strongest hurdle for the giants in kolkata football like eastbengal, mohunbagan, md sporting to one of the prime contenders of the league title and became one of the most loved and popular team of kolkata.

"Rise awake and stop not till the goal is reached" was the cry of the new club management. Realizing its potential and with the encouragement from its supporters set its aim for the most prestigious football competition of the country 'the ileague'. The path to glory is never rosy and full of challenges. The club proved its worth and showed the prowess of finally achieving its goal in 2007.

Intention was honest, enthusiasm was overt, and professionalism was innate, hence no destination was far away. And the club kept achieving accreditions and accolades for its outstanding performance in Indian football.

In 2006-2007 with the intent to deliver maximum mileage to its sponsors the club renamed itself as United Sports Club from Ever Ready association.

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." the clubs expedition to achieve new heights never achieved before and attaining goalz never previously dreamt of, it cherished the companionship and support in its course of journey from various corporate houses in form of title sponsorship.

The club management expresses its gratitude to

• Lynx India Limited, • Officer's Choice, • AVI Aircondition, • RP Infosystems Ltd.

Without whose support the progress would have never been the same.

"Dream On, coz all that's big and great started as a dream."


# Team W D L P
1 EastBengal 7 1 0 22
2 MohunBagan 7 1 0 22
3 Mohammedan 5 2 2 17
4 Patchakra 3 2 4 11
5 T.Agragami 3 1 3 10
6 Peerless 3 0 4 9
7 Customs 2 3 3 9
8 Rainbow 2 2 4 8
9 S.Samity 0 1 3 1
10 Railway 0 0 7 0
# Team W D L P
1 FCI 6 3 1 21
2 George Tele 5 5 0 20
3 United SC 4 8 1 20
4 Kidderpore 4 1 4 14
5 W.B. Police 3 5 2 14
6 Aryan Club 3 5 2 14
7 Kalighat MS 3 4 3 13
8 Bhowanipore 2 4 4 10
9 SAI 2 3 5 9
10 Police AC 1 5 4 8
11 BNR 2 1 7 7

Next Match

  • CFL Premier (A): 2017
01/09/2017 / 02:45 P.M Mohun Bagan Ground
  • Pathachakra
  • Peerless SC

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